Tuesday, June 15

Monroe County reports 136 new COVID-19 cases, highest number since the start of the pandemic – RochesterFirst

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County Department of Public Health officials reported 136 new COVID-19 cases on Friday — the highest since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March.

Public Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza said the following in a statement:

Our contact tracing is revealing several concerning trends. We are finding more small and large gatherings where attendees are not observing essential precautions including social distancing and mask wearing. We believe this is now leading to transmission within workplaces, as we are experiencing a growing number of small clusters among employees of local businesses and institutions. We have interviewed numerous people who say they went to work with symptoms of COVID-19, brushing them off as a cold or allergies.

This is a very critical moment as we work to keep our community safe and our economy open. We must not give in to pandemic fatigue. Please stay home if you are sick, wear your mask at all times when in public or with people who are not part of your own household, practice social distancing and follow all guidelines designed to protect one another. We know these things are hard, but we ask you to recommit to doing them.

The total number of cases the county has reported is now 7,088. Officials also reported 0 new virus death, keeping the county’s to-date total to 307.

A release from the county said the hospitalizations numbers will be updated on Monday.

There are currently 3,043 Monroe County residents under mandatory quarantine, and 667 in isolation.

Officials say there are 588 active cases of COVID-19 in the county currently — the highest since mid-June — and 6,125 have recovered since March.

The ages of the new cases are as follows:

1 Female under 10
2 Male under 10
6 Female 10-19
7 Male 10-19
17 Female in her 20s
12 Male in his 20s
17 Other in 20s
14 Female in her 30s
7 Male in his 30s
6 Female in her 40s
8 Male in his 40s
1 Other in 40s
15 Female in her 50s
8 Male in his 50s
3 Female in her 60s
6 Male in his 60s
2 Female in her 70s
1 Male in his 70s
1 Female in her 80s
1 Male in his 80s
1 Female in her 90s
  Male in his 90s
  Female 100+
  Male 100+

On Thursday, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and Public Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza hosted a briefing with media to give an update on the county’s ongoing coronavirus response efforts.

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