Tuesday, June 15

Latin Voting Playlist for 2020 Election Day: Los Tigres del Norte, Mexican Institute of Sound & More – Billboard

For the very first time in a presidential election, Latinos are the nation’s largest racial minority among eligible voters this year, with a record 31.6 million Latinos eligible to vote. Now more than over, it’s important that the Latin community understand the power of its vote and make its voices heard today (Nov. 3).

If you’re heading to the polls and looking for some inspiration and motivation to help, we’ve curated a playlist with patriotic Latin tracks to stream on your way to the ballots.

From Los Tigres del Norte‘s “Somos Más Americanos,” which loosely translates to “We Are More American,” to the Mexican Institute of Sound‘s “My America Is Not Your America” and Chesca’s “El Cambio,” which was featured in a Joe Biden campaign ad, here are the songs to bump on Election Day.

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