Friday, June 18

Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson takes blame for low Marquise Brown targets – ESPN

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Three days after Marquise “Hollywood” Brown complained on social media about wanting more catches, quarterback Lamar Jackson agreed with the Baltimore Ravens receiver.

Following Sunday’s 28-24 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown vented his frustrations for getting a career-low two targeted passes by posting on Twitter: “What’s the point of having souljas when you never use them (Never!!)”

“That’s one of our key players to our offense,” Jackson said Wednesday about the since-deleted tweet. “I want to get him the ball, the easiest way and fastest way we can. I have to do a better job of getting it to him.”

Jackson’s only connection with Brown on Sunday was a 3-yard touchdown pass. Four other Ravens players had more passes thrown in their direction.

Brown, a first-round pick from a year ago, is one of Jackson’s closer friends on the team and leads the Ravens with 27 receptions for 379 yards. But he has been targeted 44 times this season, which ranks 45th in the NFL.

“He’s a big part of our offense. We need him,” Jackson said. “So we got to be better at that, and we’ll be fine.”

Jackson soon could have another wide receiver to target. On Wednesday, he praised Dez Bryant‘s route running and hands. It was the fourth practice together for Jackson and Bryant, who joined Baltimore’s practice squad a week ago.

“He’s dialed in to the playbook. He wants to compete,” Jackson said. “I just can’t wait for him to get out there with us on Sundays.”

Jackson is trying to rebound from one of his worst games in the NFL. In the loss to Pittsburgh, he committed a career-high four turnovers, throwing two interceptions (including a pick-six) and fumbling twice.

He’s 3-0 following games in which he has turned the ball over multiple times in the regular season.

“I get over it but it’s always going to be on my mind just because we lost that game and I hate having turnovers,” Jackson said. “But you have to move on.”

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