Tuesday, June 15

Live election results 2020: Trump repeats false claims that “legal” votes will show him winning – CNN

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, a Republican from Pennsylvania, slammed President Trump’s claims of election fraud, saying that his were not factual and “was at times incendiary.”

“No Republican elected official will stand behind that statement,” Santorum said at CNN’s special election coverage. 

The former senator went on to criticize the President over his claim of voter fraud without evidence.

“We don’t know that right now, and for the President to go out there and claim that without any evidence of that is dangerous,” Santorum said.

Santorum went on to call out Trump over his attacks on mail-in voting.

“I sat there I listened to him talking about the votes being taken away from him, and then he shifted to Arizona and said hey, ‘I win this thing if they count the votes.’ Well, how can you say we have to wait and count the votes in Arizona and I can win this thing, but if you count the votes in Philadelphia you’re stealing them? The reality is, in Pennsylvania Democrats voted by mail and Republicans voted — in person and it’s because you asked them to do so.”

CNN’s Van Jones thanked Santorum for being critical of Trump’s remarks.

“I just want to thank you for what you just said,” Jones said. “I hope that other Republicans will also stand with you.”

Hear what Rick Santorum had to say:

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