Friday, June 18

Rocket League Wont Get Meaningful Upgrades on PS5, Unlike Xbox Series X – Push Square

Rocket League PS4 PlayStation 4Rocket League PS4 PlayStation 4

In case there was any doubt, Rocket League will be playable on PlayStation 5. You’ll be able to play the popular free-to-play title on PS5 via backwards compatibility, and with your Epic Games Account, your Rocket Pass progress and inventory will carry over. Developer Psyonix has also taken the time to outline how the game will perform on the next-gen consoles, and it’s Microsoft’s machines that are getting the attention.

On Xbox Series X, the game will run at native 4K at 60 frames-per-second at launch, with an update coming later in the year that’ll introduce a 120fps mode at a reduced resolution. On Series S, the game runs at 1080p60, while a future update will allow it to also run at 120fps. Meanwhile, on PS5, Rocket League will run at checkerboard 4K and 60fps — which is the same as PS4 Pro — and there’s no update incoming later on, according to the blog post.

The game runs great already, and will continue to do so on PS5, but sadly, you’ll miss out on the 120fps mode that the Xbox Series consoles will be getting. It’s not clear if Sony’s console will receive this update at a later date. We’ve reached out to try and get an answer, and we’ll update you if we learn more.

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