Monday, June 21

Jhay Cortez Says New Single Kobe En LA Represents His Two Moods: Theyll Get to Know the Real Me – Billboard

In an interview with Billboard, Cortez talks about “Kobe En LA,” the global success of “Dákiti,” and how the pandemic has shaped the type of artist he wants to be moving forward.

Still riding high from the success of his and Bad Bunny‘s chart-topping collaboration “Dákiti,” Jhay Cortez is maintaining his momentum.

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter released his latest single “Kobe En LA,” an experimental uptempo reggaetón track, which he says showcases his two “big moods.” The song kicks off with a dramatic interlude the 27-year-old calls “el precio de la fama (the cost of fame),” featuring Buscabulla lead singer Raquel Berrios.

“The cool thing about this song is that I wasn’t planning on releasing it this way,” Cortez tells Billboard. “Initially, these were two completely separate songs, but then I thought, why not just join them? And I loved how it turned out.” Toward the end of the song, he returns to el precio de la fama, this time featuring emerging female artist Séssi.

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