Monday, July 26

Discussing the latest with Michigan Wolverines football coach Jim Harbaugh, Juwan Howards recruiting success & more. – – Michigan

The latest edition of Inside the Fort brings you what we’re hearing behind the scenes on head coach Jim Harbaugh’s future with the Michigan Wolverines’ football program, after absurd reports surrounding his status were put out yesterday from non-credible sources.

Several other updates are inside as well, including discussions on some personnel changes we could see tomorrow from the football team, which Wisconsin players could potentially miss the game and more.

Starting with football, and an article earlier this week that surfaced about Jim Harbaugh and his future at Michigan …

Without going into detail about it, it was written that Harbaugh had gotten frustrated about disadvantages, etc. and was going to pack it in at Michigan at year-end. We can tell you know after speaking to a number of people close to it that this is patently false.

One said his extension is still there waiting to be finalized, and that it would have been by now had it not been for COVID-19. Another very close to it noted nobody at the forefront, from President Mark Schlissel to A.D. Warde Manuel, would have rescinded it, and Harbaugh is so entrenched in trying to figure out how to “fix” this season that he hasn’t even thought about the contract (which is what he’s been saying).

As for the long-term extension now, though … the pressure is mounting, and it’s been hard on a lot of people — not just Harbaugh, of course, but those close to him. There’s been a lot of negativity, which comes with the territory when you’re not winning at Michigan, and that takes its toll.

From what some close to it have gathered, the administration is willing to look at this as a “mulligan year” no matter what happens the rest of the way, citing opt-outs, injuries etc. as tough obstacles to overcome.

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