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WWE Survivor Series 2020 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights – Bleacher Report


Team Raw’s Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Lana, Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce battled Natalya, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Bayley and Bianca Belair of SmackDown in the next bout.

Early, Jax sought to dominate, only for Lana to tag herself in. After some spirited action on the part of The Ravishing Russian, she tagged Royce into the match and proceeded to be berated and degraded by Jax. The former IIconic ate snake eyes from Belair and a top-rope elbow drop from Bayley but Evans made the save. 

Royce delivered a superplex from the top rope, driving Bayley into the pile of bodies on the floor. Back in the ring, Royce delivered De Ja Vu to Bayley for a surprise elimination. (SmackDown’s Bayley eliminated)

Royce continued her roll, unloading a flurry of offense on Natalya and putting her down for two. After an ugly exchange with a botch or two, Natalya applied the Sharpshooter for the first Raw elimination. (Raw’s Royce eliminated)

Evans missed a springboard moonsault and Natalya tried for the Sharpshooter. She took her eyes off Evans just long enough for The Sassy Southern Belle to deliver the Woman’s Right for the pinfall. (Natalya eliminated)

Belair entered and powered Evans down. A distraction by Baszler allowed Evans to recover and deliver a super Spanish Fly for two.

The Riott Squad partnered to take the fight to Jax, rekindling their rivalry with the Women’s Tag Team Champion. Riott rocked Jax with the Riott Kick, forcing her to tag Baszler back into the match. Baszler applied her trademark clutch and, despite Riott countering into a pinfall, eventually put her away. (SmackDown’s Riott eliminated)

Morgan responded to her partner’s elimination, delivering a crucifix bomb to Evans for the elimination. (Raw’s Evans eliminated)

The New Jersey native’s onslaught came to a sudden halt on the receiving end of a Samoan Drop by Jax, who sent her packing. (SmackDown’s Morgan eliminated)

Belair impressed, looking to keep SmackDown’s hopes alive as she laid out Jax at ringside. Unfortunately, she springboarded her way right into Baszler’s grasp. She powered her way to her feet and stumbled into the ropes. When Baszler refused to break the hold, she was disqualified. (Raw’s Baszler eliminated)

Belair and Jax fought outside the ring and failed to make it back into the squared circle ahead of the referee’s 10-count, leading to a double count-out and Lana’s unlikely victory as the sole survivor.



Team Raw defeated Team SmackDown (Lana the sole survivor)






That was…not a good finish.

Yes, Lana winning as the sole survivor was the right call given the story told heading into the show but a lazy double count-out was hardly the best option at their disposal. Worse, such a finish does more to make Lana a useless-yet-lucky babyface than an underdog that fans can actually get behind.

With that said, there were positives.

Belair looked fantastic as she showcased her athleticism and powered through Baszler’s clutch. Royce, too, impressed in a rare opportunity to prove herself. Bayley losing to her was an interesting decision and makes one wonder if The Role Model may be on her way to a hiatus of sorts. 

Even if it’s just from the title picture on Friday nights.

While the action as fine enough for what it was, the execution and layout left quite a bit to be desired and the finish didn’t exactly accomplish what WWE hoped it would.

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