Wednesday, July 28

Black Friday online shopping surged over 21 percent amid the pandemic – Yahoo Tech

Just what people were buying has only changed to some degree. Tech still led the way with AirPods, Apple Watches, Amazon Echo speakers and Samsung TVs dominating alongside games like Animal Crossing and Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Smartwatches were particularly popular, with sales growing 606 percent compared to October.

It won’t surprise you to hear that online shopping for regular products has grown as well. Grocery shopping jumped 397 percent year-to-year on Black Friday, and personal care product sales leapt 556 percent. Simply put, gifts have to compete much more fiercely with everyday goods now that visiting the local store poses a health risk.

Whether or not this momentum carries over to 2021 isn’t clear. Vaccines and other efforts could help the pandemic subside and bring people back to physical stores, but there’s no guarantee everyone will revert to old patterns even if it’s completely safe to go back. The pandemic has led many to shop online where they haven’t in the past, and they might not be in a rush to go back to physical retail.

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