Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Buds Live, its newest pair of wireless earbuds, back in August. We were big fans of the Buds Live and their unique design, but not everyone likes legumes. Now it looks like the company’s next pair of Galaxy Buds will be bringing a return to the traditional in-ear form factor — as well as some nifty upgrades beneath the surface.

A new report indicates that the next generation of Galaxy Buds will follow in footsteps of the Galaxy Buds and Buds+ with a similar sealed in-ear design. Like the Buds Live, the new buds will offer active noise cancellation, but because of the design differences, it should sound better and block out noise more effectively. There will also be improvements in audio quality along with a much better ambient mode to allow outside sounds to come through loud and clear.

The open design of the Buds Live impacted the effectiveness of its noise cancellation.

While the exact release date for Samsung’s next-gen earbuds is unknown at this time, rumors point to a simultaneous debut alongside the Galaxy S21 lineup early next year. The Galaxy Buds+ were unveiled at the company’s Unpacked event at the same time as the S20 series, so it seems likely that we’ll see a similar thing happen again.

Galaxy Buds “Beyond” is supposedly one of the product names being tossed around for the upgraded buds. Regardless of what name Samsung ends up marketing the new Galaxy Buds under, it sounds like they will definitely deliver some welcome upgrades when it comes to the audio experience.