Monday, June 21

Monolith vanishes from remote Utah desert yet public intrigue remains – Fox News

Last week, a mysterious monolith was spotted near Utah’s Canyonlands National Park by park employees as though it just emerged from the red clay. 

And just like that, it was gone. 

The approximately 10-foot-tall monolith was discovered last week by state wildlife officials counting the bighorn sheep population in Utah’s southeastern edge. The area is so remote that the Utah Department of Public Safety said if someone tried to get an up-close look at it, they could very well “become stranded and require rescue.”

The mysterious monolith went viral after its discovery.

The mysterious monolith went viral after its discovery.
(Utah Department of Public Safety)

But “credible reports” indicated “the illegally installed structure” was removed by an unknown party. It is believed the removal occurred sometime on Nov. 27. reported that an Instagram user posted online that he ventured out to see the object for himself. Riccardo Marino said he spotted a pickup truck headed in the opposite direction at the time that seemed to be carrying a large object on its bed. 

Marino was reportedly joined by another person and the two read, “Bye B****,” written where the object once stood. Someone may have also urinated in the spot.


Additional visitors have since been stacking rocks near the location around what seemed to be the top piece that may have broken off during its removal. 

Fox News’ David Aaro and James Rogers contributed to this report 

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